Please note, that when you launch this project it takes Render (the platform this project is hosted on) about 3-4 minutes for it to spin up a server. Free hosting has some cons ;).

The first iteration of this basic Task Tracker used a fake JSON database through Typicode, allowing GET requests to display JSON data fields on a published page.

Changes in the previous version were not persistent because the fake JSON DB only handled GET requests.

The second iteration (now live) allows all CRUD operations and is connected to a MongoDB Altas server.

I learned

  • To enable CORS with HTTP-proxy-middleware
  • Create a fake live JSON database using Typicode
  • Leverage React Components and React Router to create a basic Task App.
  • Migrated the fake JSON DB from the first iteration to a real MongoDB server with CRUD operations in the second iteration

V2 Enhancements

  • Includes a real Database using MongoDB/Atlas with real-time operations

Continued Enhancements

  • The next iteration will include a user portal where different people can log in to track their tasks independently