Abu Dhabi, Dubai & South India – Winter Excursions

As with any new journey, part of the excitement and nervousness comes from not knowing what to expect. The United Arab Emirates and South India surprised me in many ways, and in hindsight, my favorite take away is the expanded appreciation I developed from being in these contrasting environments.  One is distinctly modern while the other is rooted in classical traditions dating back thousands of years.

Since, as Einstein purported, ‘time is a stubbornly persistent illusion‘, going into the future and the past, today, is indeed possible and need not require any machine. All you need is a sense of adventure and your passport.

While the UAE was more of a stopover along my route to Bengaluru, India, I spent a few more days there due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m glad that I did.

Here are some of the places I was able to explore during my time there.






Words and photos are great tools. Experience and being with something are things that can be appreciated on entirely different levels.

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